About Boutir

Who we are

Boutir is a one-stop video-centric online business platform, on which merchants can handle shop opening, daily operation, video shooting and even product-selling livestreams. It's also a phygital platform that helps shop owners bring physical shopping experience and a human touch to their online shops.

Our Vision

We believe the Internet was invented to make everything convenient and to close the gap between people, not to baffle them with complicated programming and website design. Online shops can be more than just photos and text, and videos and livestreams can make online shops feel like physical ones. That human touch can enhance customers' confidence in your products. No matter how big your business is, you can easily build your own video-centric online shop with our assistance as we guide you into the era of phygital.

Our Mission

With a mobile phone and one single app, you can start your online business and handle its daily operation. The Boutir app is equipped with functions such as smart ad, video shooting, live-streaming and automated order fulfilment. We also provide you with various data so you can know more about and cater to customers' preferences. We know what you need, and we help you know what your customers need. So that you can create modern shopping experience and boost your sales.

With industry-leading technology, Boutir brings to consumers and merchants next-generation video shopping experience that increases engagement and conversion. We hope everyone can own and easily operate their Video Commerce website ready for transactions.
Eric Ng
CEO and Founder
Growing merchants
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Wed, February 28, 2018

Boutir launched its mobile app in August 2015. Since then, 30,000 merchants have become its registered users, offering 450,000 products. However, will other retail platforms like Taobao and HKTVmall give it a run for its money? Co-founder and CEO Eric Ng dismisses this idea in the belief that these platforms are like cyber-marketplace, where customers are free to patronize different shops, whereas Boutir helps its users establish online stores easily and manage business orders on a platform integrating payment and logistics systems. Storeowners can also use it to ‘test the water’ for their new products. ‘Recently, there was a YouTuber who launched a pre-sale of his self-designed headwear on Boutir at HK$150 each. Three thousand pieces were sold in just two weeks. Some overseas buyers were even willing to bear the shipment cost which is almost the sale price.’

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Wed, May 15, 2019

Small businesses are always trying to find new ways to compete and grow market share. Eric Ng Co-Founder and CEO Boutir, and Andy Chan Co-Founder and Chairman Qupital talk to Anthony Lacavera about how their companies are taking down competitive pressures and helping small businesses with e-commerce.

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Sat, September 7, 2019

"Boutir Limited, a Hong Kong-based company that developed a mobile app which helps merchants easily set up their online store and manage inventory, says it sees immense growth potential in the Southeast Asia region.

Eric Ng, Founder of Boutir, says he expects strong growth in SEA countries to continue through 2020, specifically in the social eCommerce segment.

He says thanks to free trade and integrating of mobile, social and eCommerce tools, along with a proven subscription model developed through a multi-year effort in Hong Kong, Boutir is setting its target at 4x revenue growth for 2019 that would further solidify its foothold.

Eric Ng noted that Boutir started developing the Malaysia market in January 2019 and is committed to enhancing merchant connectivity across the region.

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