Retailer | Toys & Games
Average watch time on website 11x more than social media, product click rate up to 78.6%

TINY is a toy shop where toy cars are their best seller. They have 21 branches in Hong Kong and Macau, and more than 400 other outlets in HK.

TINY has always been promoting with livestreams on social media, and response has been great. Yet social media don't have a buying function, meaning customers need to go to their website to shop, so TINY never knows the conversion rates of their livestreams. But after they started working with Boutir, their average watch time almost increased to 28 minutes, 5 times longer than the industry norm, and product click rate up to 78.6%, 4 times higher than the industry norm. "Our livestream average watch time is 11 times longer than Facebook, and better yet we need much less time to handle orders," says TINY's owner. One reason is livestreams on Boutir have a buying button so customers can click and buy without pausing the video. Another is the livestream host can tell product stories like a physical shop assistant, so customers feel better and are more willing to make purchases. In addition, Boutir's automated order fulfilment function can shorten the time needed for order processing from 2 weeks to half a day, and can also reduce the risk of error.

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Organisation | Fan Club
From compiling packing lists for 800 orders for 2 weeks to packing 400-500 products for only 5 hours

An online shop helps not only merchants but also other organisations, for example, Anson Lo Hon Ting Fan Club. The fan club has more than 10k paying members, run by a committee of 8-10 fans after hours. They share the responsibilities of logistics for fan merchandise, running social media accounts, managing online shop customer data and order data, and external affairs.

When they started selling merchandise, they took orders with online forms, and members uploaded receipts of their payments. The committee manually matched every single order with every single receipt and compiled a packing list. On one occasion it took them 2 weeks to compile 800 packing lists. They later sought help from Boutir, and our SF Express's automated logistic system saved them a lot of time. For example they handled 400-500 sweatshirts within 5 hours by printing packing lists directly from their online shop's backstage platform. As Boutir knows what people need, the committee have a lot of their leisure time back, and can now handle more other chores like looking for new manufacturers and sticking close to Anson's latest developments. More fans' have their needs satisfied and feel closer to the fan club.

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Retailer | Beauty & Wellness
An 4-year-old online shop that boosted their sales by 10x and traffic by 2.8x with livestreams

BEGINNING specialises in beauty products. They had their first online shop in 2018, and now have both an online shop and a brick-and-mortar one. They upped their sales by 10 times in 4 short years, and that is no small feat.

BEGINNING knows what customers think and understands they like to read reviews before ordering. With Boutir's custom page function they built their "Users' Sharing" page, where they run customers' reviews and photos, so new customers can make purchases with no doubt. BEGINNING joined Boutir's live-streaming event and online class to learn how to set things up for a livestream. They also did meticulous preparation by consulting with our expert for 1 hour before going live. As a result they had 2.8 times more traffic than the past 7 days, because besides a talk in a physical shop, live-streaming is the most direct form of interaction between a business owner and customers. It enhances their trust in the business, and, consequently, willingness to buy.

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