Generating incremental sales with Facebook dynamic ads
Success story
The Hong Kong-based Japanese lifestyle brand ran Facebook dynamic ads for broad audiences to find new customers, and retargeted dynamic ads to website visitors, achieving a 25X return on ad spend.
life in sales with dynamic ads
incremental reach over ads that ran during the previous five months
Store background
Japanese lifestyle items
Founded in 2016, Zakka is a Hong Kong-based brand that sells a variety of Japanese-inspired lifestyle products, home décor and accessories.
Zakka wanted to increase overall sales and make its Facebook marketing campaigns more effective. Specifically, it wanted to monitor and review campaigns to improve performance and conversion rates.
Seeking expert assistance
Zakka had always run its own marketing campaigns, but increasingly felt that expert assistance could help it grow. The company was unfamiliar with retargeting tools and struggled to understand if its marketing campaigns were effective. So, Zakka began working with Facebook Marketing Partner for commerce Boutir so that it could track and measure important metrics that were important for its growth. Boutir used the Facebook Business Extension solution to onboard Zakka as a client. Zakka and Boutir set up dynamic ads to remind website visitors of products they had previously looked at, but did not purchase. They also ran dynamic ads for broad audiences to find prospective customers among women in Hong Kong between the ages of 23–65. The brand also targeted ads to lookalike audiences based on past purchasers and people who had added products to their online carts but didn’t purchase. Boutir helped Zakka monitor and review the performance of its ads and accurately measure its Facebook marketing campaign performance to help improve future campaigns. It also helped the retailer save time by avoiding common mistakes when attempting to boost conversions.
Better returns
Zakka successfully improved its Facebook marketing efforts with Boutir’s guidance. Between April 2–May 31, 2020, Zakka saw the following results: 25X return on ad spend
With Boutir’s help, we refined our marketing strategy and successfully measured important metrics to determine the effectiveness of our campaigns. We foresee a continuation of our good relationship with them, as they help us improve our advertising efforts, which in turn expand our business.
Elaine Chow Founder, Zakka